Congratulations! Professor Zheng-Xiang Li named 2024 Australian Academy of Science Fellow!


The Australian Academy of Science (AAS) has honored Professor Zheng-Xiang Li by naming him a 2024 Fellow in recognition of his outstanding academic achievements.

Professor Li, an Emeritus Professor at Curtin University, has been instrumental in his role as the Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Earth and Planetary Science since 2023. His valuable insights and guidance have significantly contributed to the journal's growth and future direction.

This prestigious award serves as a well-deserved acknowledgment of Professor Li's remarkable contributions to the field of Earth sciences throughout his career.

Professor Li’s citation praised his world-renowned research:

"His work transcends disciplinary boundaries and has led to paradigm shifts in our understanding of how the Earth's engine works. This is important because it catalyses the formation of deep Earth resources as well as climate and environmental changes. He played prominent roles in the discovery of the periodical occurrences of two pre-Pangea global supercontinents, Rodinia and Nuna, pushing our knowledge of global palaeogeography back to 2,000 million years. He also co-developed the dynamic supercontinent-superplume geodynamic model, addressing the driving forces of plate tectonics, and he also constructed innovative tectonic models for Australia and the West Pacific."

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Professor Li for this remarkable achievement and express our sincere gratitude for his invaluable contributions to the advancement and growth of Earth and Planetary Science.