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Uncovering the Secrets of the Gas Giant

Alessandro Mura

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Research Article

Hydraulic Flow Unit Characterization in Sandstone Reservoirs, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Esomchi U. Nwokoma, Boniface I. Ijeh, Chukwunenyoke Amos-Uhegbu

Article ID: 808    DOI:

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Curie Depth and Surface Heat Flow Estimation from Anomalous Magnetic Blocks in the Lower and Part of Middle Benue Trough and Anambra Basin

Mukaila Abdullahi, Yunis B. Valdon, Fartisincha P. Andrew, Bello Yusuf Idi

Article ID: 821    DOI:

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On the Millennial-scale Variability in Climate of the Northern Hemisphere

Maxim G. Ogurtsov

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The Problem of CO2 Reabsorption in Emission Spectra

Svatopluk Civiš, Adam Pastorek, Sergei N. Yurchenko

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