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Latest Articles

Article (This article belongs to the special issue "Trends in Additive Manufacturing for Marine Engineering")

3D Printing of a Tidal Turbine Blade Using Two Methods of SLS and FFF of a Reinforced PA12 Composite: A Comparative Study

Marwane Rouway, Mourad Nachtane, Mostapha Tarfaoui, Sara Jamoudi Sbai

Article ID: 1002    DOI:

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Review Article

Trend Analysis of Marine Construction Disaster Prevention Based on Text Mining: Evidence from China

Junjia Yin, Aidi Hizami Alias, Nuzul Azam Haron, Nabilah Abu Bakar

Article ID: 1026    DOI:

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Research Article

Global Distribution of Brachyuran Crabs in Mangroves

Wah Wah Min, K. Kathiresan

Article ID: 1023    DOI:

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Review Article

Research on Publication Trends for Asset Management of Offshore Facilities Between 1992 to 2022 Using Scientometric Analysis

Chiemela Victor Amaechi, Ahmed Reda , Salmia Binti Beddu, Daud Bin Mohamed, Agusril Syamsir, Idris Ahmed Ja'e, Abiodun Kolawole Oyetunji

Article ID: 1016    DOI:

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