Honors for Editorial Board: Stanford's 'Top 2% of Scientists 2023' List


Stanford University has recently unveiled its "World's Top 2% of Scientists 2023" list, which features nine distinguished members of the editorial board of Sustainable Marine Structures (ISSN: 2661-3158).

This ranking, based on bibliometric data from Scopus, highlights the top 2% of scientists globally, categorizing them into various fields. It offers two categories: Career-long Impact Ranking (1960-2022 data) and Single Year Impact Ranking (2022 data). The Career-long Impact Ranking assesses lifelong contributions, while the Single Year Impact Ranking looks at recent academic impact. The list provides a measure of the long-term research performance of scientists, which can more objectively and truthfully reflect the influence of scientists.

We extend our warmest congratulations to our Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Erkan Oterkus, and the eight esteemed Editorial Board Members for this outstanding achievement. We wholeheartedly thank them for their substantial contributions to the advancement and growth of Sustainable Marine Structures.