Sustainable Development of Bioenergy in Agricultural Systems: Economic Perspectives and Global Challenges

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2024

Guest Editor

Giuseppe Pulighe  , Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA), Italy


The proposed special issue aims to investigate the sustainable integration of bioenergy within agricultural systems, with a specific emphasis on economic considerations and pertinent agricultural policies. While bioenergy holds promise as a renewable energy option, its development necessitates a delicate balance of economic, environmental, and social factors. Moreover, bioenergy's interaction with various sectors such as agriculture, water resources, and food production underscores its complexity and significance within broader economic and policy frameworks.

This special issue seeks to merge insights from diverse fields to shed light on the complexities and opportunities surrounding bioenergy in agricultural settings. By exploring economic aspects and agricultural policies, it seeks to uncover the complexities and opportunities associated with bioenergy development. Additionally, the special issue aims to tackle associated challenges like indirect land use change and other environmental impacts, providing valuable insights into sustainable bioenergy practices. Through its emphasis on economic perspectives and global challenges, this special issue endeavors to foster a deeper understanding of the sustainable integration of bioenergy within agricultural systems. By examining the interplay between economics, policy, and environmental considerations, it aspires to contribute to the formulation of informed strategies and policies for promoting sustainable bioenergy development in agricultural contexts.

Key Objectives:

  • Examine the economic dynamics of bioenergy production and utilization within agricultural systems.
  • Assess the socio-economic impacts of bioenergy projects in diverse agricultural settings.
  • Identify policy frameworks, incentives, and barriers influencing the sustainable development of bioenergy.
  • Explore innovative technologies and best practices for enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of bioenergy production.

Topics of Interest:

  • Economic analysis of bioenergy production and markets
  • Socio-economic implications of bioenergy projects on rural communities
  • Policy frameworks and regulatory mechanisms for promoting sustainable bioenergy
  • Case studies and comparative analyses of bioenergy projects worldwide
  • Integration of bioenergy with existing agricultural practices and supply chains
  • Land-water-energy-food nexus assessment of bioenergy systems

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